Tax Return Checklist


  • Salary or wages PAYG Payment Summary
  • Employment Termination Payments
  • Newstart Youth Allowance and Austudy payment summaries
  • Australian Government pensions and allowances
  • Australian annuities and superannuation income streams
  • Bank Interest earned (savings and/or investment accounts)
  • Dividends from Shares (interim & final statements)
  • Employee Share Schemes
  • Distribution amounts from partnerships and/or trusts
  • Managed Funds Investments (annual tax statement)
  • Capital gains from Investments such as shares or property (buy & sell statements)
  • Investment Property (Rental Income, Expenses & loan interest, Quantity Surveyors depreciation reports)


  • Car Expenses estimated total kilometres or log book with expenses
  • Work related travel expenses – accommodation, meals, airfares, taxi fares
  • Uniform Expenses – compulsory, occupation specific, protective, laundry, dry cleaning
  • Self Education expenses – fees, books, stationery and travel
  • Home office expenses – total hrs, phone, computer, software, stationery
  • Telephone/mobile phone – business use
  • Subscriptions and union fees
  • Journals/periodicals, tools & equipment
  • Seminars and conference costs
  • Interest costs on borrowings for investments
  • Gifts or donations
  • Cost of Managing Tax Affairs
  • Income Protection insurance

Tax Offsets

  • Annual private health insurance tax statement
  • Superannuation contributions to your spouse's fund
  • Did you live in a remote area for more than 183 days?

Other Relevant Information

  • HELP liability or a Student supplement loan debt
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