Business Planning Sessions

Business planning is an essential part of ensuring the success and longevity of any Business

Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail !

Has your business ever had a Business Planning Session?

Business planning is an essential part of ensuring the success and longevity of any Business.

So why don’t business owners do it?

As a business owner you are busy!  Busy dealing with clients or customers, busy dealing with staff, busy dealing with suppliers. So busy that their never seems to be a right time to make plans for the business!

We can help.

Business planning sessions are becoming an increasingly popular part of our service offering and our clients love it !

How does it work?

  • You complete our online TRUST assessment for your personalised Business Action Plan report.
  • We’ll then meet with you to go through your report, discuss our findings and prepare an implementation plan detailing any recommendations.
  • If business planning forms part of our recommendations we will then arrange a time to facilitate a planning session with you and your team.

Why have, a Planning Session?

At Westwoods BGA, we are Strategic Business Planning Experts and we use our expertise and knowledge to facilitate business planning sessions to help you look at ;

  • Where you are now.
  • Where you want to go.
  • How to get there.

Planning sessions are suitable for any business small or large. They work because they enable business owners and their key team members to take some time away from day to day business operations in order to focus on future goals and planning.

Our business planning process will ensure you have clarity around what needs to be done to improve your business. At the conclusion of your session you will have a set of goals and an action plan. We will help you every step of the way by monitoring your progress, to ensure you are on track to achieving a successful business.

As experienced business consultants in Adelaide, we know the value of looking to the future to ensure your business success. That’s how we’ve been able to help many businesses improve their operations and thus, increase their profits. 

So, what should do about it? Call us. Take action.

Your next step… Call us on 08 8243 8700 or email us on to make a time to meet and discuss your options. We’ll then outline the costs so you know exactly what lies ahead.

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